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Food: Restaurant: Entertainment
restau-rant & bakery   (+6, -1)  [vote for, against]
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the feature of this restaurant (besides its fine french pastry selection) is a stage with a microphone, similar to a karaoke setup. patrons take turns at the mic, with a 5 minute limit, to speak their minds on whatever subject they're feeling particularly strongly about. anything goes, within reason, but expect to get booted in a gong-show-ish kind of way if the majority of patrons disagree with you.
-- mihali, Jun 28 2001

have a duet[argument]
-- technobadger, Jun 28 2001

Sounds like my mind!

What was I saying?
-- Legend, Jun 29 2001

Don't forget the oversized hook.
-- mrkillboy, Jun 29 2001

"I'd like to order a plate of overripe tomatoes please"
-- hippo, Jun 29 2001

Can I wear a costume? I'd dress up like Jesus complete with blood stains, crown of thorns, and wooden cross. I'd talk about the cruci-FICTION and make fun of Christianity in general.
-- juan2003, Jun 29 2001

You do that here, don't you?
-- angel, Jun 29 2001

juan - you don't have to have your rant here. Save it for therestaurant -sheez when are you gonna give up on the religious thing? You should get some therapy.
-- goff, Jun 29 2001

I'd say that the only taboo topic is the quality of the pastry. If the crowd agreed, a riot might ensue. Then, where would we go for a rant and a cruller?
-- juliec2, Jun 29 2001

-- futurebird, Jul 08 2001

I guess it would be pretty much like the Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, London, only that people would be only interested in their food more than anything else...
-- LoneRifle, Mar 10 2003

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