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retractable toilet seat   (+3)  [vote for, against]
works like a CD tray

Retractible toilet (think CD tray)seat has several innovative features. With the seat retracted, the possibility of men hitting the seat accidentally is not a problem. The seat goes under the water tank (new toilet design is necessary). Seat opens with with two claps, retracts with one clap. An opptional button can activate this function as well. The tray mechanism is built to be speedier than manual lifting and closing.
-- jackoutofthebox, Oct 29 2002

have avoided the clap till now...
-- po, Oct 29 2002

So do you clean this thing with a toilet bowl sized CD cleaner ?
-- skinflaps, Oct 29 2002

When you flush it, does it vibrate the whole fixture like my 52x?
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 29 2002

Boy, if it closed prematurely it would sure be a drag.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 30 2002

Maybe it should have a programable timer to shorten the stay of magazine readers. Practicle jokers will have a hoot making the seat close while the victim is using the unit. Better make it a "smart" seat that doesn't close while reading a persons weight. Hell, incororate a scale so that after your duty you can get your weight measured.
-- jackoutofthebox, Oct 30 2002

How is a "Retractable Toilet Seat" better than one that lifts. Why not just make it an "Automatically Lifting Toilet Seat"?

<<has serveral innovative features>> what features? automatic..

if you're so concerned about hitting the seat, why not take it off, or get a urinal?
-- MrNotorious, Apr 29 2004

Have a bun for making my commode into a Decepicon.
-- Letsbuildafort, Apr 29 2004

<<if you're so concerned about hitting the seat, why not take it off>> Funny you should mention taking it off, I just did that yesturday to replace the brass hardware for the oak seat. However, the project was a spur of the moment thing and so the seat was off the toilet for about three hours until I could get the replacement hardware. I discovered during this seatless period that you have a good point - the seat is kinda superfluous to getting the job done (the ceramic is a bit cold however). It sure would be unconventional to just leave the thing off.
-- jackottabox, Apr 29 2004

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