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cooks rice automatically

Like a regular rice cooker, but has a water hookup and a hopper that can accept a big bag of rice (you can get rice by the 50lb. bag at Asian grocery stores).

You just press "2 cups, sticky, start" on the panel. A few minutes later, a tasteful chime rings and your rice is ready.

Self-cleaning, of course.
-- egnor, Jan 02 2001

Zojirushi "Neuro Fuzzy" rice cooker & warmer http://www.zojirush...r/ns-jcc/ns-jcc.htm
This is the best rice cooker I can buy? Pathetic. [egnor, Jan 02 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

it might not be as aesthetically appealing as rice, but it is infinitely easy to cook ramen in the coffee maker...
-- absterge, Jan 02 2001

Maybe you could just connect two tubes to a rice farm and a mountain spring and get the freshest, best rice possible.
-- Vance, Feb 07 2001

Hmm. It's really not that hard to get out a measuring cup and do it yourself. Takes about 30 seconds or so. And you wouldn't need as much equipment and space. Sounds like much more trouble than it's worth.
-- rebekkahshiri, Jan 25 2002

I have a bit of a problem with rice.. I mean, paddy fields, all that water.. No-one can tell me that they walk to the edge of the field to take a pee..
-- Gran Tade, Jan 25 2002

not just pee, either

btw - the rice grains grow above the water line on the plants, and plants are very good at converting "nasty" nutrients into edible nutrients without passing on many disease risks (they make a living out of it, so to speak).

Besides, you think pissing in a toilet makes it magically disappear?
-- quarterbaker, Jan 25 2002

Sure, it's another device to clutter up your kitchen, but if you make rice a lot, it might be worth it. Especially if you are a klutzy cook like me, who half the time burns his rice, or doesn't put in the right amount of water. (Making rice is hard! At least compared to making pasta.)
-- beland, May 26 2003

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