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mens socks for female sensibilities

men like to keep their feet warm but women think that a man wearing nothing but his socks looks well frankly ridiculous and so I propose see-thru socks to solve this problem. I have found a material that may suffice. It is used in butterfly netting which seems quite apt: soft, sturdy and see though. These socks would also go quite nicely with sandals. The average UK man I am afraid to say is well-known for this fashion deviation.
-- po, Mar 10 2002

suggested material for see-thru socks
soft, strong and fashionable. [po, Mar 10 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

//These socks would also go quite nicely with sandals.

I'm going to have to vote against this for the merest mention of wearing socks and sandals together.
-- mcscotland, Mar 10 2002

well all I got was butterfly nets....what did you type? don't answer that. The idea, Peter, was more around the house-casual-wear than job interviews.
-- po, Mar 10 2002

less is more - applies to links too apparently, Peter.
-- po, Mar 10 2002

[po] Isn't it possible that the gentlemen you've known simply gave you nothing more to think about than what they looked like wearing nothing but socks?
-- phoenix, Mar 10 2002

what can I say big p?
-- po, Mar 10 2002

and this little piggy went to market... <g>
-- po, Mar 11 2002

...and this little piggy stayed home...

I think I just peaked, philosophically speaking.
-- phoenix, Mar 11 2002

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