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short-term memory   (-1)  [vote for, against]
easy way to redial any recent call

My current phone has a "redial" button, which redials the last number (which would be more useful if I didn't have to dial an extension to pick up my messages), and can be programmed to store numbers permanently.

What I want is something in between. I keep thinking of this as "I want my phone to run csh," in that what I'd like is the cshell history feature: I want to be able to type, say, "!97" and have it dial the last number I entered that started with 97.

The advantage of this is that it wouldn't require any additional display: I thought of a drop-down menu of the last n numbers (for some small n, say half a dozen), but that would require a much larger display than the two lines I have available. It wouldn't, in fact, require any display, if you trusted your memory.
-- Redbird, Aug 18 2000

I think many cell phones let you scroll through a list of recently called numbers to redial.
-- egnor, Aug 18 2000


A lot of the Nokia models have had this feature for years. My old Nokia 2160 definitely has a lot of short-term storage, not only for dialed numbers, but also for incoming calls and missed numbers. Redial works with all 3 types of numbers, and is as simple as pressing the Send button after you scroll to the correct number.

The 6100 series and up also have this feature, apparently.
-- BigThor, Aug 31 2000

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