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Back-pack circulation unit, pumps and heats small amounts of anti-freeze mixture through "pex" pipe to chambered grid. Light-weight poly feed line and tube grid works just like a radiant heat floor, melting icy sidewalks and stairways, while allowing pedestrians to walk on sturdy slip resistant ice melting platforms, placarded with safety markers, indicating men at work. A location can be maintained by one individual. Business supplies are as follows: Transport unit (maintenance van, etc.), invention (battery connection cable, heater, pump, tubes), plastic housing planks to protect tube grid (coated with slip protection), hot air-blowing heaters, picks, shovels and maintenance uniform(s). There is little excuse for businesses to have an icy entrance area, with businesses like this, in the phone book.
-- abadon, Jan 02 2008

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This article says good old rock salt works down to 5degF [csea, Jan 03 2008]

Why not just connect it to your own heating system as is regularly done for Driveways and sidewalks. The guy in the van seems like a very costly approach.
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 02 2008

This system is for sidewalks where radiant heat tubing has not been installed below the surface.
-- abadon, Jan 02 2008

The tropics, here; sounds good, too.
-- abadon, Jan 02 2008

Yes, I, would appreciate, a little, ice. ..
-- Custardguts, Jan 02 2008

Napalm ?

We love the smell of Napalm in the morning ....
-- 8th of 7, Jan 02 2008

Youse twose arse back in the saddle?

Is there any risk of electrocution? *Prays (albeit, rarely) - for affirmative answer*
-- thumbwax, Jan 03 2008

//This system is for sidewalks where radiant heat tubing has not been installed below the surface.//

Probably much less expensive in the long run to remove existing sidewalk and reinstall with tubing or embedded electrical heating. - A small amount of power delivered over a long time is much more effective in keeping walks ice free than is "hot air." -
-- csea, Jan 03 2008

Yeah, but when you need it now and did not take the precautionary steps to advoid icy build-up, this is what you can do. I've always lived in Bozeman, Montana; and everyone gives up on ice, midway through the season. except the new banks that install sub-radiant before pouring the concrete. Not leaving out the renter of an apartment especially the north facing buildings. North facing apartments get very little direct sunlight directed onto sidewalks. Just think if your old, and or getting there, getting to your car is liable to lay you up; resulting in many assorted injuries. Please think of your grandmothers and respectable elders while approaching this issue of safety
-- abadon, Jan 03 2008

Hardly any person; even the rich yuppie that just moved here to bring his values here and advoid bringing along what he dosen' like about their old place of living, will tear up a foundation so it can be adjusted to better suit them (they usually bring the concepts of their "city life" laws to change my way of life), or just many lawsuits.
-- abadon, Jan 03 2008

// advoid //

As in, "make a space" ?

Just asking ...
-- 8th of 7, Jan 03 2008

Salt's good for the sidewalk but really crappy for everything else... leather, metal, etc. etc.
-- FlyingToaster, Jan 04 2008

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