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What the title says

For when you the audience wants a closer-up sound...

For when you want to give them an experience they've never heard before...

For when you want to save on heating bills...

...let your audience sit in with the orchestra! There is an extra gap between each musician, and therein sits a member of the audience. Depending on how much they've paid, they may talk, poke, annoy and otherwise frustrate the unfortunate musician as much as they like.
-- dbmag9, Jun 01 2006

Sounds like a Spike Jones sketch.
-- skinflaps, Jun 01 2006

Is that good or bad?
-- dbmag9, Jun 01 2006

I'd feel a little left out, sitting there not playing. But I would enjoy the experience. Maybe just during rehearsals?
-- phundug, Jun 01 2006

//Is that good or bad?//

-- skinflaps, Jun 01 2006

The musicians do not have the best seat in the house. It is very difficult to design a hall so that they can even hear the other performers properly.

However, since this idea is clearly not geared at acoustic clarity, bun, as it sounds like fun.
-- epicproblem, Jun 01 2006

It would be interesting to see what a trombonist has to look at for a whole symphony.
-- phundug, Jun 01 2006

+ This does sound like fun, but I wouldn't want to disturb the musicians, except for blowing bubbles, throwing confetti at the stage, singing in a minor key, and eating potato chips and carrot sticks.
-- xandram, Jun 01 2006

I'm with xan, and I'm bringing the dip. Musicians love dip.
-- epicproblem, Jun 02 2006

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