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tune of sorbet

to get a tune or advertisement jingle into peoples heads composers can write very catchy tunes, a tune is needed to get annoying tunes out of peoples heads.they should have a playable sound on something portablethat is not very memorable, but masks the other tune,for when they have finished listening to tunes
-- technobadger, May 16 2001

The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester
The villain, Ben Reich, uses the idea of the annoying jingle that you can't get out of your head to mask his intent from the psi-cops. [DrBob, May 16 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Read this. Don't ask questions. http://www.poppyfie...songs/windmill.html
Now you really really really need a sorbet song. [pottedstu, May 16 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Listen to any one of the following:

Krszysztof Penderecki
Steve Reich
George Crumb
Robert Ashley
John Cage
Karl-Heinz Stockhausen
and most of Lukas Foss

among others....
-- globaltourniquet, May 16 2001

I've found that 'Invasion of the Gabber Robots' by the Laziest Men on Mars is the best song for clobbering 'stuck in your head' tunes...for me, at least.
-- StarChaser, May 16 2001

I don't know. I've had Phillip Glass's music stuck in my head, and it's not a pretty thing. Although I have to admit that when more traditional pieces of music get stuck in my head, the same parts tend to repeat over and over. So perhaps it's not so different after all :-)
-- rebekkahshiri, Jun 14 2001

What does this have to do with sorbet?
-- egnor, Jun 14 2001

I'm puzzled, too, egnor. Maybe the Sorbet Song cleanses the mental palate of memories from tunes past?
-- Dog Ed, Jun 14 2001

waugsqueke - loved the link but strangely the last tune mentioned, the theme from the odd couple was one I spent 15 years trying to track down - a friend eventually downloaded it from the napster site. Composer Neil Hefte?
-- po, Oct 10 2001

I sympathise entirely with this idea, and especially with Rods. I'm currently having a bad time with 'A Windmill In Old Amsterdam' and if I ever do find a windmill with twins in, and triplets, and quins in, I'm going to burn it to the bloody ground.
-- DrBob, Oct 11 2001

Many people here find that the `By Mennen' jingle-fragment will stop any repeating headmusic in its tracks.
-- td, Oct 12 2001, last modified Oct 13 2001

I always find Bjork works .. but maybe thats just me ...
-- The_Englishman_Abroad, Oct 13 2001

No! We need a government health warning at the top of the page. "A windmill with mice in, it's hardly surprisin' ". I can only assume that someone already has a sorbet song and is desperately trying to drum up business.
-- pottedstu, Oct 13 2001

Also found to work well in this capacity, the theme to "National Geographic Explorer", as well as the "News Hour with Jim Leher".
-- tourist, Mar 22 2006

twist and shout by the beatles usually chases away my mental tunes
-- wakeNbake, Mar 24 2006

I usually have a song stuck in my head becasue I like it. I pity you guys.
-- notmarkflynn, Mar 27 2006

I think the title actually explains this better than the text.
-- wagster, Mar 27 2006

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