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do something worthy whilst on the potty

charity boxes are often situated in places where we have our wallets/ purses out e.i shops tills, cafe counters etc.

I propose that they should be also situated in toilet cubicles where the occupant can be displayed a short piece of info on the charity and there is a secure steel charity box bolted to the wall for them to deposit their cash.

although i'd advise the charity to wash it after collection.
-- etherman, Jun 08 2004

//a secure steal charity box//

Heh, gotta love it.
-- skinflaps, Jun 08 2004

yeah that was a bit of a classic. rectified tho.
-- etherman, Jun 08 2004

I'd have more time to feel guilty about it, and eventually contribute.
-- Eugene, Jun 08 2004

I guess you would get more from the ladies coz they spend more time in there. <cue gender war>
-- etherman, Jun 09 2004

i'm sure i had a an anno on here saying put them in pub or club toilets as a way to get rid of shrapnel ( small change) as when i go out i end up with a pocket full of 1 ps 2ps and 5 ps as most pubs i visit result in you geting change that is too small an ammount to buy 2 pints for £5.
-- engineer1, Jun 09 2004

yeah you did and I accidentally deleted it. which is further justification for the 'are you sure' you want to delete this button.' apologies engineer1, I assure you your contribution is most appreciated.
-- etherman, Jun 09 2004

Ok no problem, was heading into a rant in my original anno.
-- engineer1, Jun 09 2004

i completely support your rant. its annoying enough in shops when things are priced .98 / .99. etc. without it happening when you're drunk leading to handfuls of change being thrown towards taxi driver / kebab vender etc. give it to the charities I say.
-- etherman, Jun 09 2004

I give to charity, bucketloads, pardon the almost pun, but "on" the public potty my hands are full of my clothing, and there's no way I'm going to reach for change. This idea is male centric, American women don't stand, don't like to let purses, clothing, body parts touch anything in the public potty. We barely like to admit to being there. Got my point?
-- dentworth, Jun 09 2004

for people who hate the place so much you dont half spend alot of time there.
-- etherman, Jun 09 2004

Dentworth you have obviously never seen inside your average British pub's male toilets you don't want anything touching the floor.
-- engineer1, Jun 09 2004

this is all vvvvery interesting. but getting back to the idea. captive audience + info about charity + charity box = quids for the lovely charity people.
-- etherman, Jun 09 2004

I think that the boxes would have things stuffed in them other then loose change.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 09 2004

most collection boxes have this problem, but as long as there is money too then its not a huge issue.
-- etherman, Jun 09 2004

A thought occurs based on [engineer1]'s comments. Why not just put charity boxes on the bars in clubs? It would get rid of annoying change and possibly many men would feel compelled to donate in order to look good in front of their date.
-- harderthanjesus, Jun 11 2004

Because then the bar staff wouldn't get any tips. n the toilets is a great idea - but maybe near the handbasins, not the potty itself!
-- doughy, Jun 11 2004

Oh yeah...
-- harderthanjesus, Jun 11 2004

charity boxes on bars are well baked. there are loads in my local. but my point is that whilst you've got a bit of quiet down time on the john, you can have a charity box at eye level with some easily read, guilt generating text, which would induce you to part with some shrapnel.
-- etherman, Jun 11 2004

//but maybe near the handbasins, not the potty itself!//

nah, thought of that. by the time you've reached the hand washing phase you are too busy trying to get outta there not hang around. plus the hand washing / reading / pocket emptying multi tasking is too complicated for the drunk. let them sit and think about it. the charities can wash the coppers after.
-- etherman, Jun 11 2004

I wouldn't worry about the donaters not having washed their hands, [doughy]. In a recent study the average UK penny was found to have 14 different types of urine on it. Inexplicably, some had kangaroo urine on.

I wish I was joking.
-- harderthanjesus, Jun 11 2004

I wish you hadn't said that. (debates cleaning his change, gets obligatory money-laundering pun out of the way)
-- david_scothern, Jun 11 2004

My friends used to tell me to suck on pennies to get the foul smoke taste out of my mouth... now I know what was displacing the fumes... dammit jesus.
-- daseva, Jun 11 2004

I'm very proud that one of my ideas had resulted in the anno: "dammit jesus." I wish I could give buns for annos.
-- etherman, Jun 14 2004

Whilst I like the idea, it sends cringes up me. I can't explain why, but it just doesn't feel the right location to put something like this in.
-- NumboJumbo, Dec 26 2007

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