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d12, d16, d20, in sphericon shapes

Any multiple of 4 faces can be made into a sphericon-bipyramid shape - the d8, though, would look exactly as it does now - but why not have an entire set?
-- Random832, Apr 21 2005

Zocchihedron dice etc. http://www.advancin....php/products_id/40
Spherical D100 - not the one I have (mine's a D6), but it looks interesting. [DrCurry, Apr 22 2005]

16-sided faceted sphericon http://www.seanmich...phericon_dice.shtml
[iamanangelchaser, Apr 11 2009]

Please, not the sphericon craze again!

-- DesertFox, Apr 21 2005

[Random] but sphericon surfaces are curved -- how would the die be able to come to rest on a face?
-- JesusHChrist, Apr 21 2005

Sorry if i wasn't clear enough - it would be made by slicing a double pyramid in the same way that a real sphericon is made from a double cone
-- Random832, Apr 21 2005

JHC: for what it's worth, I have a pair of spherical dice.
-- DrCurry, Apr 22 2005

Me too, and you can roll them whenever you want ... baby.
-- bungston, Apr 22 2005

A D100 is filled with small grains. As it rolls these grains slow down the rolling significantly, so that it rests at a number after only a few seconds, just like normal dice do. The only problem is determining what that number is. You have to look carefully which number is on top.

I have some difficulty understanding this idea. Is it about making a D4 and D12 in the same shape as this D100? That's nice. The rollplayers would collects these like Bill Gates collects dollars.
-- zeno, Apr 23 2005

This is stupid.
-- contracts, Apr 23 2005

No it isn't, dice are nice!
-- zeno, Apr 23 2005

I think I'm the only person that gets what he's talking about. It's not a bad idea at all--think a faceted sphericon. Of course, this would be pointless with anything less than 10 sides.
-- 5th Earth, Apr 23 2005

[zeno] somehow you were lucky enough to miss out on the sphericon craze the first time - google "sphericon"

[5th earth] you need a multiple of 4 sides for it to work - a d12 or d20 qualify - as would a d16 if such a thing were to exist
-- Random832, Apr 25 2005

Seriously. Most of you guys don't seem to get it. First off, a sphericon is not a sphere. He's not proposing spherical dice. A sphericon is derived from a bicone, which is the shape of many polyhedral dice, most commonly d10s. So if you can take a bicone and make a sphericon, you can take a biconal die and make it into a sphericonal die. Check out the link above for a 3d image.

Why would you want to do this? Well, novelty really. It's just neat. I don't think there's any other advantage. That said, people who buy lots of polyhedral dice are suckers for novelty. It would probably make money.
-- iamanangelchaser, Apr 13 2009

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