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stacked transparent floors   (+2, -1)  [vote for, against]
high rise flats with transparent/translucent floors outside

in order to build many floors accomodation, without the high rise flat effect of not having a community [by people living vertically, and not having mush contact with those above or below] by having long buildings with a platform/balcony stretching along the length of it,sort of streetish,but letting light through to the lower levels.
-- technobadger, Feb 09 2002

is that in order to borrow sugar and converse? BTW Will has won Pop Idol in UK (I voted for him but Gareth is a worthy second, bless him,)
-- po, Feb 09 2002

my last lover, placed me upon a pedal bin. is that the sort of thing. Peter?
-- po, Feb 09 2002

People who live in Glass High Rises...
-- thumbwax, Feb 09 2002

There's a club in Edinburgh with a glass gangway between floors. The sex of the drinkers who seem to congregate around the tables directly below it is unsurprisingly entirely male.

There is a plan to build a new building at Elephant and Castle in London which plays on this idea. The architect (I think its Foster) wants to build with huge swathes of glass and fill the open spaces created with trees. So the effect would be a highrise wood in the heart of London. Lets hope it gets built.
-- mcscotland, Feb 10 2002

Why did the new management want a glass floor in the executive washroom?
Just to piss off the old management.
-- reensure, Feb 10 2002

At my college there is a Carnegie Library, built (I think) in the late 1800's. Unlike modern buildings, the outside walls bear the load and as a consequence, the windows are small and narrow. To offset the lack of natural light, the floors are all made of thick translucent glass, to help light filter from floor to floor. As a result, the floors glow, and most strangely, tend to wipe out shadows. This makes people standing on the floors look like they're floating, since there's no visual cue (other than the perspective of the bookshelves) to help you locate the person on the ground. People walking around on the floor above you did make a fuzzy shadow on the ceiling, so you could track where they were going.
-- Bartlebooth, Feb 10 2002

no matter what....there will always be a glass ceiling....
-- runforrestrun, Feb 11 2002

Would these buildings have to be designed so that the glass ceilings in women's offices are shorter than in men's offices?
-- RobGraham, Feb 11 2002

not offices ,RobGraham
-- technobadger, Feb 11 2002

that is a very sad thought, runf, but there is no glass ceiling at the .5bakery though.
-- po, Feb 11 2002

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