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Home: Safety
stair lights   (+9, -2)  [vote for, against]
Weight activated light.

It is easy to walk most of the home without a light. One of the most dangerous place is staircase.

With stair-lights, you need not worry if you have to switch on the lights when you walk up the stairs. The stairs will do it for you. You could sleepily wander onto the stairs and still be able to see where you step safely.

As you walk up/down the floor the lights just above the current step (like in movie theaters) and steps between "step - n" and "step + n" light up. "n" is dependant on the speed you are walking.

If you run fast, or there are too many people on the stairs, it just switches on the overhead bright lights.
-- kamathln, Apr 22 2008

I've seen art installations like this. (One played musical notes as well as shone lights.)

But "weight activated" - perhaps the heavier the weight, the redder the light, the lighter, bluer?
-- DrCurry, Apr 22 2008

One just wants to get around safely not develop a complex Dr. C.
-- jhomrighaus, Apr 22 2008

LED-filled tubes, like old fashioned "stair rods", which clip or velcro to the carpet; small pressure mat slips under the tread(s) (N+1)(N-1). Since they're only activated briefly, a battery would last a long time.

Christmas lights could be adapted to do this, even to provide a "rabbit" of seqential flashes guiding you to your destination ....
-- 8th of 7, Apr 22 2008

[8th of 7], Battery powered would be nice - will work even if the power fails.
-- kamathln, Oct 30 2008

How about a robotic arm that hands you a lit candle on a saucer?
-- Spacecoyote, Oct 30 2008

Spacecoyote:oh yeah! halfbakery style!
-- kamathln, Oct 30 2008

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