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stanley knife type eraser   (0)  [vote for, against]
break off dirty bits of eraser as you merrily go along.

dirty rubbers are the bane of my life

sharp thin type eraser in a holder; as the end gets dirty, you just apply pressure to snap off as much of the eraser as you wish. replacement erasers are slotted in at the other end.
-- po, Sep 10 2003

Here http://www.copshop....&Category_Code=USBP
The US Border patrol must do a lot of rubbing out [custardlove, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Retractable Eraser http://www.shoplet....e/db/PENZE21M1.html
Not that I endorse that particular outlet, but I think it's the kind of thing you're looking for. My Dad used these years ago. [PeterSilly, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Keep your eraser sharp http://www.faber-ca...1452&m5=&domid=1010
The pencil at the bottom of the page is actually an eraser, one end soft for pencil the other end hard for ink. If it gets dirty just use a pencil sharpener to take off a thin layer. Also never crumbles or dries out like some other erasers. [kbecker, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

This is baked [po]. I've seen these. Let me look for a link.
-- custardlove, Sep 10 2003

oh and I thought you had solved my problem. no, I want to snap off the dirty bits. thanks anyway, custard.
-- po, Sep 10 2003

Don't pack it in your carry-on.
-- FarmerJohn, Sep 10 2003

whats a carry-on in your part of the world FJ?
-- po, Sep 10 2003

airline cabin baggage?
-- FarmerJohn, Sep 10 2003

its not sharp, silly.

I suppose the edge of the holder needs to be sharp but its protected by a rubber :)
-- po, Sep 10 2003

thats exactly what I would like...
-- po, Sep 10 2003

Insert standard American rubber joke here.
-- RayfordSteele, Sep 10 2003

I always liked those ones that look like pencils but where you peel the paper wrap off.
-- waugsqueke, Sep 10 2003

I was waiting for the Australian rubber joke. you are premature again, Ray :)
-- po, Sep 10 2003

//dirty rubbers are the bane of my life//

That statement is just disgusting. If you are to cheap to buy a new rubber for your next date go to the AIDS prevention center in the nearest town. They give away new, clean rubbers for free.
-- kbecker, Sep 10 2003

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