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make 3D movies out of two iphones

hold two phones apart, take the movie, then combine the images side by side on a single phone for stereoscopic viewing.
-- daseva, Jun 28 2010

What [nineteenthly] was probably thinking of
hopefully. [kaz, Jun 28 2010]

Just wait for the Nintendo 3DS to come out. Also, you'd better have some damn steady hands to get perfectly stereoscopic footage.
-- kaz, Jun 28 2010

Double also, who (apart from Stephen Fry) has more than one iPhone?
-- kaz, Jun 28 2010

I've seen a video of some kind of software running on something handheld with an accelerometer which responded to the user moving the device by shifting the perspective image shown on the screen. It gave the impression of the screen being the front of a box containing various objects. Does that make sense? I'm not being disingenuous. I've just forgotten the details of the device but i have a vague idea it was a Nintendo console.
-- nineteenthly, Jun 28 2010

[nineteenthly] You're probably thinking of a mod involving the Nintendo Wii [link].
-- kaz, Jun 28 2010

Oh, sorry about the category selection. As for the little part about it being for iphones only, and not for other smartphones, well... I talked with Steve Jobs and he made an offer I couldn't refuse.

Also, [kaz], you don't need perfect stereoscopy for it to work, I think. We can fill in the blanks more often than not with our brains and such. I could be wrong, anyways thanks for the input!
-- daseva, Jun 28 2010

A little plastic double-periscope, attached over the lens, which splits the camera's field of view into two halves, would do away with the need for two iDevices, as well as ensuring correct alignment and simultaneous exposure.
-- BunsenHoneydew, Jun 28 2010

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