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People are fish.

Bamboo sofa, satin seaweed, an open bed of rice with long green cucumber cushions.

California Roll ottomans.
-- jutta, Nov 25 1999

here's some pillows http://www.theorigi...ow.com/catalog.html
[jaksplat, Jan 19 2009]

Sliced pickled ginger dust-covers; water with soy sauce once a week. Dunno where wasabi fits in.
-- cosma, Dec 03 1999

Wasabi would be Polyfilla.
-- rbrook, Dec 17 1999

Then you could fill your bathtub with miso soup.
-- Ander, Jul 26 2000

A dab of Wasabi under the nose should keep your sinuses clean and prevent snoring.
-- thumbwax, Sep 19 2000

...by burning through your lip and carbonizing the skull beneath. When you're screaming you can't be snoring...that's some of the MEANEST stuff I've ever run across...
-- StarChaser, Sep 21 2000

+ Octopi pillows and abalone ash trays.
-- xandram, Jul 12 2006

//People are fish// recipe - [marked for deletion] :-)
-- xenzag, Jul 12 2006

Are you proposing normal furniture that looks like sushi, actual furniture made out of sushi, or normal sushi that looks like furniture?
-- sninctown, Jul 12 2006

/California Roll ottomans/ If my wife is the juicy little avacado, all rolled up in the ottoman, am I the crab meat or the cucumber?
-- James Newton, Jul 17 2006

Perhaps you could ornament the living room with yakitori? I mean, why stop with sushi?
-- neuro, Jul 18 2006

Will it set off the smelly alarm?
-- Spacecoyote, Jan 19 2009

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