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Product: Shredder
teensy weensy shredder   (+7)  [vote for, against]
a shredder that shreds paper into teensy weensy little pieces and then some...

... so that you don't have to keep emptying the container.

I have enough shredded bits to keep a house-size rabbit happy.

or failing that a foot mechanism similar to the one in the Monty Python animation that compresses the shredded paper each time but you would have to be able to see it in operation for it to be enjoyable.
-- po, Oct 20 2004

Shredder cut sizes and security
Listing of the security class relating to various cut sizes. [oneoffdave, Oct 20 2004]

The higher the security class of a shredder, the smaller it cuts. Class 6 devices cut as fine as 1mm x 5mm. See [link].
-- oneoffdave, Oct 20 2004

I'd like to see a stackable shredder. The top, where the documents are inserted, shreds crosscut to general security level, then the shreds rains confetti like into a clear plastic glass box, perhaps containing small moving fans, which has another shredder in the bottom, which shreds to security level two. Continue cascading finer and finer grains until bottom bucket contains something resembling ground chickpeas.
-- calum, Oct 20 2004

I thought this was going to be a shredder for disposing of small pieces of paper like ATM slips, credit card receipts, parking tickets...
-- egbert, Oct 20 2004

calum, like a champagne fountain - nice!

we did that one, eggy!
-- po, Oct 20 2004

OK. I'll get me coat.
-- egbert, Oct 20 2004

Shredder - dull. Monty Python Foot Home Compactor - now you're talking! Not just for paper shreddings, mounted over a clear plastic bin in the corner of the kitchen. Every hour the hydraulic foot stomps the rubbish down with a satisfying crunch and squelch. Also marks the passage of time Cuckoo Clock style.
-- wagster, Oct 20 2004

go for it waggy!
-- po, Oct 20 2004

//Continue cascading finer and finer grains// sounds like it would make a fine Day After Tomorrow snow globe.
-- FarmerJohn, Oct 20 2004

Office Hamsters?. Nope, on second thoughts, the competition might employ radio controlled hamsters to retrieve those sensitive documents.
-- gnomethang, Oct 20 2004

[Tabs] Does composting shredded paper work?
-- hippo, Oct 20 2004

Shredded newspaper is often mentioned as a workable compost carbon source to balance nitrogen sources such as grass clippings or coffee grounds.
-- FarmerJohn, Oct 20 2004

For truly minute individual particles, get a ceramic or metal bin and a book of matches.
-- nick_n_uit, Oct 21 2004

po: um, I'm worried you're suffering from Bad Science. How does making the shreds smaller make emptying the bin less frequent...? In fact, the smaller the pieces, the less well they will pack together - you'll fill the bin faster, not slower. And make the pieces small enough, you'll fill the air with paper dust, and blow the place up the next time you stop for a ciggie. Which we would not want.
-- DrCurry, Oct 21 2004

surely small bits compact better? I believe almost everything you say though :)

my assistant keeps forgetting to use a plastic bag and she fills the air with paper dust which cannot be healthy (and the resulting mess is awfuk)
-- po, Oct 21 2004

[Tabs] I'm worried about toxic inks, waxes etc. used on the mountain of glossy junkmail we receive contaminating my lovely compost. I shall research this on newsgroups.
-- hippo, Oct 21 2004

maybe shred it so small that it passes right through the fabric of space itself and simply disappears, kind of like our national budget
-- Arcanus, Aug 26 2009

[+] I want to combine it with a sinister-side jacket pocket: put the unsolicited business card in and smile at the donor while confetti falls to the ground unobtrusively.
-- FlyingToaster, Aug 26 2009

I work a lot with paper-mulchers that quite literally turn paper into a fine mist. You'll get it all over your clothes if you're not careful.... but totally baked first part.

the second part, however, is masterful, and I want one for my own. [+]
-- CaptainClapper, Aug 26 2009

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