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temporary voluntary human pets   (-1)  [vote for, against]
just me and my dog...[my dog and i]

somewhere where you have to pay per person,but you are allowed to take many kinds of animals,cut a friends fare by claiming them to be your animal. a human pet,which just obeys animal rules
-- technobadger, Aug 02 2001

for what purpose?
-- technobadger, Aug 02 2001

//for what purpose?// Kinky ones. Google on ponygirls and don't blame me for any ensuing flabbergastulation.

Not at all what you're idea is about, though.
-- Dog Ed, Aug 02 2001

For an attempt at gender balance you could also search for ponyboys.
-- key-aero, Aug 03 2001

Hmmm I think this one is baked by some people in private and with less pure motives than getting a free ride. However they cannot be legally typed as a pet, rather a slave. Since slavery has been abolished I think you will have some legal problems. You could try dressing up your friend as an animal and see if that works.
-- Monkeyboy2, Aug 03 2001

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