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some psychology regarding the creation of the perfect halfbakery idea

This particular idea is not the perfect idea because it does not follow its own rules. Rules to craft a formula for the perfect halfbakery idea along the same lines as the designing of the perfect murder, the perfect crime, or the funniest joke in the world.

The rules:

1. keep it simple and obviously as fresh as possible.

2. a catchy title with a hint perhaps of a pun or the ring of a popular myth / tune or a tag to the collective unconsciousness of your fellow halfbakers or a soupcon of humour. *that* should awaken UnaBubba in a subliminal way.

3. the detail of the idea, should be written in basic English, derivative prose of medieval /shakespearian language i.e. words like blood, earth, stars, love, song, heart, belly, death, car, toast, custard etc. as this stirs our emotions at a primitive level, as opposed to modern cliches or slang or foreign rubbish.

4. the subject of the idea should involve an area of our lives which is basic to all humans and Australians.

food (i.e. cream cheese rings), death (i.e. fatal auto collision song), sex/ love (i.e. carrymehome – a metaphor for drunken and sexual abandon), animals/pets/baby substitutes (i.e. tails for all), fears (i.e. spider bells – one of bliss’s best), religion (gap in the market here!) , greed (i.e. panic pin), war (the bin Laden thread) , and Santa Claus / Sorta Claus – well he is a world wide myth / father figure / call him what you may, appealing to our inner child and greed - we received a gift & we responded thankfully as well-brought up œ bakers do. and of course there is always sport………

I leave you to evolve further.
-- po, Jan 02 2002

My list http://krelnik.home...g.com/half_faq.html
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Yes, and the other side just fails to see that I'm right and that's all there is to that
moment later: Tiger said something while I was replying to UnaBubba. My hearing aid was off, and I didn't hear him typing - all apologies on my part.
moment later 2: po po po, psychology schmycology
-- thumbwax, Jan 02 2002

psychology worked though, UnaBubba
-- po, Jan 02 2002

There is no perfect 1/2 bakery idea. Unless the 1/2 Bakery was indeed a 1/2 baked idea before it hit the internet...
-- sven3012, Jan 02 2002

and all guns should be given in at the nearest police station, no questions asked.
-- po, Jan 02 2002

Are you crazy? What happens if some CRIMINAL comes blasting his way into a CHURCH? The ushers are unarmed...
-- thumbwax, Jan 02 2002

The idea should not involve things that cannot exist, <negative weight material> or things that might exist someday but aren't even close right now <genetic engineering for specific people, nanites.>.
-- StarChaser, Jan 02 2002

a + .wow, who was that?
-- po, Jan 02 2002

blissmiss, it's in the Halfbakery category and so it won't come back to the top if you just look at the œb front page. (The people who use the recent list already have a clue, except possibly [cp].)
-- cp, Jan 04 2002

I'm not entirely sure what makes a good idea, being as I don't like half of them in the top 10 (I've never eaten a bagel, for starters). On the other hand I never vote. It seems to me one of the main ways to get lots of votes is to produce what they call on Everything2 a "getting to know you" idea, which invites everyone to pitch in, e.g. fatal auto collision song, which means it'll stay on the front page and get lots of visitors. As well, this encourages people to feel part of a community they can contribute to, hence warm glows and up-votes.

Alternatively, I think the more primal the need you appeal to (love, warmth, eating, getting home at night), the better; but most methods of satisfying simple desires have been long since invented. Failing that, like [po] says, a good title with a clever pun.

Still doesn't explain "Tails for all", though; how many furry fetishists do we have here?
-- pottedstu, Jan 04 2002

Judging by the resounding lack of response to your question, 'stu, I suspect that the answer is 'rather a lot'.
-- DrBob, Jan 04 2002

Depends on how you define 'fetishist'. Lots of people like the feel of fur on their skin. Look for 'mink gloves'.

I am a furry, which doesn't necessarily involve fetish.
-- StarChaser, Jan 05 2002

How about getting together on ideas?
-- pashute, Jun 22 2002

I made a lightsaber!
-- peterson, Aug 15 2002

Erm, great..

I wrote a nice piece about 'how to care for your idea', which was subsequently deleted because it was 'not an idea'. I could put it up if any of you are really bothered.
-- NickTheGreat, Aug 15 2002

Added a link to my newbie guide. I like your #2: I need to add a rule in my guide about picking titles/categories as I see alot of folks fouling that up lately.
-- krelnik, Jan 02 2003

[4. the subject of the idea should involve an area of our lives which is basic to all humans and Australians.]

seen a little too much Monty Python ? :P
-- Keeper of the Blue Flame, Jul 06 2004

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