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Culture: Museum
the seven wonders of the ancient world   (+4)  [vote for, against]
museum and theme park for the cultured masses

the seven wonders of the ancient world:

the great pyramid of giza
the hanging gardens of babylon
the statue of zeus at olympia
the temple of artemis at ephesus
the mausoleum at halicarnassus
the colossus of rhodes
the lighthouse of alexandria

full-scale replicas made out of plaster and fake stone and the like, all in one convenient location. would make a great vacation spot for the family: "see the seven wonders of the world in seven days!" if the folks at disney got their hands on this idea, it could really fly. besides charging a ridiculously large admission fee to enter the theme park, there would be the "seven wonders" movie, the hit song, plush toys, action figures, t-shirts, and lunch boxes. what a great world this is!

i can see the two-hour line ups already for the "sail between the legs of the colossus of rhodes" ride...
-- mihali, Apr 23 2001

(?) Disney's Ancient World Theme Park http://www.westcoas...ntworlds1-91700.htm
Baked. [Aristotle, Apr 23 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Seven Wonders of World - Ancient Times
Seven Wonders of World during Ancient Times like Temple of Artemis, Hanging Gardens, Pyramid of Giza and others are described in this site [strider_vc, Oct 04 2004]

Not quite baked; I'm pretty sure they don't have a *full scale* replica of the Great Pyramid, at least.
-- egnor, Apr 23 2001

I admit it's not built yet but the proposal is there.

The statue of Zeus would be quite educational as this is widely accepted to be the source of the accepted, European-style face of Christ. The statue was collected by a converted Enuch in the latter days of he Eastern Roman Empire, if recall my history correctly.
-- Aristotle, Apr 23 2001

Saddam Hussein has restored the Hanging Gardens, I believe - but just you try to go and visit them.
-- cheeselikesubstance, Jul 18 2001

[morrison]-that japanese product you refer to is the "Bow-Lingual" and possibly it's sister product "Meow-Lingual" which is a voice stress analyzer which interpret's a dogs bark. Tests have proven it's fallibility over and over. When dog bark recordings were played into it, it gave several different responses for duplicate noises! In any case, such animals communicate predomintantly through posture and pheremones. Ergo, this product does not belong among the seven modern wonders of the world.
-- whatastrangeperson, Mar 25 2004

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