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the smiths sing their christmas favourites   (+6, -5)  [vote for, against]
johhny marr, morrissey, and the boys re-unite for one more album

tracks include:

- i'm dreaming of a black christmas
- oh depressing night
- the twelve laments of christmas

bonus track:

-please please please let me get what i want

track suggestions are appreciated.
-- mihali, Dec 19 2001

Hand in Turkey
Santa Knows I'm Miserable Now
Frankly, Mr Christmas
Elf in a Tutu
That Cracker Joke Isn't Funny Any More
-- lewisgirl, Dec 19 2001

Going down the chimney,
hang the blessed Santa,
because the presents that he constantly gives,
they say nothing to me about my life.....
-- stupop, Dec 19 2001

Yeah, the Smiths reuniting is probably the least likely idea ever posted on this site.
-- pottedstu, Dec 19 2001

<grin> mihali take a bow, take a bow!
-- DrBob, Dec 19 2001

"Santa in a Coma"
"Every Day Is Like Christmas"
"How Soon is New Year's?"
-- bookworm, Dec 19 2001

The Man with the gift in his sack

Shoplifters of the world unite (at Macy's)

December spawned a monster (Morrissey solo)
-- RobGraham, Dec 19 2001

Little Drummer Boy With A Thorn In His Side
-- thumbwax, Dec 20 2001

This Charming Elf
-- lewisgirl, Dec 20 2001

Heaven knows there's Mistletoe now

Hand in Stocking

Sheila take a Christmas Bow
-- Bedford Van, Dec 20 2001

There is a fairy light that never goes out.
Some gifts are bigger than others.

-- Lemon, Dec 20 2001

"Hand in Turkey." --lewisgirl

Laughed out loud, for reals.
-- iuvare, Dec 20 2001

stop me if you think that you've received this gift before.

fatso strikes again.

you're the one for me, fatty (mozzer solo again).
-- mihali, Dec 21 2001

"Santa Take A Bow"

"I Started A Turkey I Couldn't Finish"

And if you're not in the Christmas spirit... "Suffer Little Children"
-- -alx, Dec 21 2001

not in July, Pleeeese
-- po, Jul 19 2002

just thought i'd dust this off to get everyone into the spirit of the season.
-- mihali, Dec 11 2002

"I Know It's Christmas"
"Never Got No Coal Ever"
"Santa Knows I'm Naughty Now"
-- Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 11 2002

Bah humbug.....
-- normzone, Dec 04 2003

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