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Simple music enviroment

Maybe someone has seen this amazing device.

More as a proof-of-concept than anything else I would like to create a computer/music enviroment. A gui that uses image tokens to represent sound loops/instument channels... then just map everything to x/y (plural of axis) as a simple way to control volume/pan. Throw in some of those neat physics to let you 'throw' these tokens around the field and dynamicly create music/crap.

Silly idea.
-- photojunkie, Mar 28 2005

Coagula (similar to MetaSynth) http://hem.passagen...rasmuse/Coagula.htm
Free proggie that does about the same thing. Oh yeah, it's for Windows. [Acme, May 02 2005]

Josh Nimoy's free-download sound toy. Dots (or 'balls') fall from the top of the screen, and make pleasing notes when they hit the lines you draw in their way. Diverting, fun to play with. I am reminded of it by the discription given. A version for both windows and mac. [Soterios, May 03 2005]

or you could just learn what your doing. thats like suggesting using one of those WW2 cypher machines to write a loopist and d.j. heads. if you wish to make music... learn... to .... play .. it. its really very difficult for the first 5 years, but it becomes fun after that..
-- Mikeynyuk, Mar 28 2005

I'm not sure I understand your idea. Is "token" an image?

I do know that Eric Wenger, creator of Bryce, has created a synthesizer that consumes imagery as control input. When I saw it, it was strictly for Macintosh. I can't remember what it is called or if the program still exists.
-- bristolz, Mar 28 2005

I think the program bristolz is refering to is called MetaSynth. It's a truely unique peice of software. Picture height represents frequency, width time, brightness volume, and color represents channel location. It's surprisingly easy to get things out of it that actualy sound like somehting other than random noise. These graphical "instruments" can be cut and pasted into compositions. truely, it's worth fiddling with just for the "gee wizz" factor. There is a demo available for download. bristolz is right though, it's Mac only, and you'll want a pretty beefy machine too.
-- Jawzx, May 02 2005

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