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logan's drive

have you ever seen,in a dystopian sci fi, a regime with its enforcers?[of some sort] anyway,logans run:the sandmen,farenheit 451:thefiremen ,1984 the thought police,ect/ect some sort of enforcement to extra laws, for age ,books or some sort of thoughts[not that i fully read 1984,sorry]-or saw 451 f anyway,law and order,but extra laws as well. what could we have instead of laws on not reading subversive things or passing 30? well,as the traffic wardens formed [was that the 60s?] and were apparently unpopular. how about going to the 60s and making a sci fi film of traffic wardens in later times?
-- technobadger, Sep 01 2001

Nemesis the Warlock
He has developed quite a bit from those humble origins. [Aristotle, Sep 01 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

so, like, RoboCop? Didn't he enforce small laws like parking and smoking laws? (I don't think I've seen the whole movie.)
-- wiml, Sep 03 2001

Holy God, what?
-- AfroAssault, Sep 04 2001

30 days of hard labo(u)r for wiml.
-- thumbwax, Sep 04 2001

The idea of William Burroughs' Nova Heat meting out punishment to double-hoverers appeals to me.
-- The Military, Sep 04 2001

[wiml] read some of the judge dredd comics, he's not as much of a pillock as he's made out to be toward the endof the movie. In one of them he arressts a 10 year old for "public flatulence"
-- kaz, Sep 04 2001

2000AD's Nemesis series started off as a story about an unseen revolutionary opposing a system based around fascistic traffic police. It was based on The Jam's song "Going Undergound".

See link for more information on Nemesis.
-- Aristotle, Sep 04 2001

[PeterSealy] That's a Larry Niven short story. Don't remember the name or the collection, but you have the right idea. The story was set in a future where every offence was punishable by death to provide the 'organ banks' with spare parts for the rest of the population.

I'm still trying to figure out if [technobadger] is proposing the study of future crime laws so that:

A)We can guard against their becoming reality, or;

B)Define what might be a crime in the future, or;

C)Traveling back in time to begin propaganda campaigns against currently unpopular laws.
-- phoenix, Sep 04 2001

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