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For those who weren't around to see the original tribute act

Some music 'tribute acts' are pretty good (e.g. Think Floyd (Pink Floyd), Bjorn Again (ABBA)). Inevitably, it cannot be long before we have tribute acts for these tribute acts.
-- hippo, Nov 03 2021

https://hitchhikers.../Shoe_Event_Horizon [hippo, Nov 03 2021]

You know what you have here? This would make an amazing documentary. The story behind these tribute acts have never been told and I'm sure they're fascinating.

I saw a Beatles tribute act once and was amazed by how I felt like I was watching the actual Beatles, something that was a part of musical history before my time.

The title would be "Tribute Act: Echo Of Legends".

Or something. Titles are good to have for stuff.

Bun for the original idea too.
-- doctorremulac3, Nov 03 2021


Could be like the singularity, the delay between each recursion becomes smaller and smaller until it become simultaneous and every human alive on the planet finds themselves in an infinite number of Abba tribute^°° bands
-- pocmloc, Nov 03 2021

[pocmloc] funny, and scary - and made me immediately think of <see link>
-- hippo, Nov 03 2021

And then there would, of course, be triple tributes.
-- blissmiss, Nov 03 2021

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