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have lanes for those of us who like to drive trolleys fast

its simple really have a marked out path to all shelves and things in a supermarket for 'fast trolleys' only and then those people like myself who know where they're going in the supermarket and who like to get there quickly can race around and purchase their groceries in a race car stylie.
-- kaz, Aug 25 2001

But if you were hooning around "race car style", wouldn't it be more fun to snake through and overtake slower trolley "drivers"?
-- mrkillboy, Aug 26 2001

<Intercom>Cleanup on aisle 7</Intercom>
-- thumbwax, Aug 26 2001

i think it would help if there was a right way round the supermarket possibly indicated by footmarks if every one went the same way it would be quicker
-- po, Aug 26 2001

How do trolleys get into supermarkets in the first place? And what's the fare to ride one?
-- bobzaguy, Aug 26 2001

Mrkillboy I like you idea, screw the other customers, just make it socially acceptable to race around on your trolley, and make customers sign a waver when they enter the store saying that they accept any injuries inncured if hit by trolley racing maniacs
-- kaz, Aug 28 2001

Make them so they can be driven - like dodgems.
-- stupop, Aug 28 2001

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