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ultraviolet sterilizing toothbrush

you know those crazy blue lights they have in hospitals, they emit ultraviolet light because it kills bacteria. Bacteria in you mouth causes gingivitis (bad breath) and tooth decay. So why not make an electric toothbrush with optical fiber bristles routing light from an ultraviolet LED powered by batteries in the handle.
-- WhiteWiz, Mar 03 2004

Purebrush Toothbrush Sterilizer http://www.enexus.c...ush-sterilizer.html
Caveat Emptor: Other sites have claimed that these ultraviolet sanitizers are not effective and assert that the storage units are actually breeding grounds for bacteria. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]

As an alternative, there are several makers of ultraviolet toothbrush cleaning systems which purportedly prevent bacteria from growing on the toothbrush and being transferred to the mouth. Perhaps this would avoid the sunburn, and still effectively manage contributions to the oral bacterial count.[link]
-- jurist, Mar 04 2004

I don't think an ultraviolet LED fed through fiber optics would carry enough energy to effectively sterilize anything. The other systems that do this are MUCH more powerful, and their effectiveness is disputed.

mfd removed... still, questionable science.
-- zigness, Mar 05 2004

I actually considered filing for a patent on this idea years ago, but then realized it was simpler just to sleep in the sun with my mouth open (though admittedly less convenient).

I don't understand zig's comment about "questionable science". Just because it might not work well is not a reason for MFD.
-- ldischler, Mar 06 2004

Agreed. [zigness], can you please remove the mfd?

As an alternative to the idea you could have a brush with hollow bristles with a saline or chlorhexidine solution pumped through the bristles and delivered to the gumline. I'm very unsure of the efficacy of that notion, though.

A friend of mine is a periodontist who bemoans the fact that few people really understand what is needed to properly care for the gums. Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss for people over the age of 30 (decay is the reason in the under 30 set).
-- bristolz, Mar 06 2004


You beat me to it!
-- DesertFox, Jun 08 2004

This might cause cancer...
-- -----, Nov 02 2004

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