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umbrella-shaped kite

kites are notoriously difficult to launch. in fact I cannot remember ever being successful in an attempt. umbrellas though are a completely different kettle of fish. there is something about the design that woiks, the slightest hint of a breeze and there it goes, inside out and up and away, above the clouds and phoof! gone.

so take these little beauties up the park and have some fun. if it looks like rain just pull your umbrella down from the sky and walk home with out getting wet.

you know, I just sense there is a fatal flaw in this idea but I’m damned if I can see it.
-- po, May 03 2003

*cough* Schirmdrachen *cough* http://www.kites.or.../Lindenberg_eng.htm
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-- thumbwax, May 03 2003

Should one tie a string to the handle or just hold on, Ms. Po-ppins?
-- FarmerJohn, May 03 2003

According to Google (always an iffy source), an "umbrella kite" appears in fact to be a classical type of kite, but I can't find any pictures anywhere.

From the rather weird descriptions I can find (they all seem to have been translated literally from another language), it's possible they used vents to spin, giving them gyroscopic stability or something.

It would be kind of fun to go down to the park with a plain old umbrella when everyone has some expensive Japanese kite.
-- DrCurry, May 03 2003

nasty cough you got there [thumb] - been to any game-shows recently?
-- po, May 03 2003

Nope, but Gorgeous George on Wintuition is quite funny for someone who says nothing.
-- thumbwax, May 03 2003

especially sharpened fish for the sculpturing gulls. they soon all get eaten up.
-- po, May 04 2003

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