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Don't even THINK about wishing me a...

For people with a recent history of severe romantic disappointment (or not so recent, but they just don't get over ANYTHING), an unsolicited "Happy Valentine's Day!" is about as welcome as, say, a "Happy Hallowe'en" to Jerry Falwell or "Happy Bastille Day" to Marie Antoinette.

An unobtrusive but easily visible black paper heart, worn on the sleeve, should be a commonly understood sign for well-wishers to keep it to themselves if they know what's good for them.

It should also be illegal to say "cheer up" to the black-hearted. However, a gray heart may be worn by those who would reluctantly accept some cheering up.
-- hob, Feb 14 2002

http://www.halfbake...20the_20Unpartnered Don't wish me a happy this either. [hob, Feb 14 2002]

May you have an uneventful day.
-- bristolz, Feb 14 2002

paper hearts attached to the sleeve will tear (if pinned) or mess up a really nice shirt (if glued). How about a simple black ribbon worn on the front of the shirt. Makes for easier visibility too.

bliss, can I get one of those hugs for the relationship impaired?

(Later: thanks Bliss!)
-- runforrestrun, Feb 14 2002

Valentine's Day is suppoesed to help you overcome those feelings [hob]. Like [bristolz] I'll wish you an uneventful day; but if you want to guarantee one, stay home huddled under the covers.
-- phoenix, Feb 14 2002

Have a beige day. :-|
-- RayfordSteele, Feb 14 2002

¯ 1st two knuckles=abbreviated heart.
-- reensure, Feb 14 2002

Wahey! Its the annual "Valintine's Day is crap because I am single" idea! Susan is here in spirit...
-- mcscotland, Feb 14 2002

[mcscotland] pardon me, I said no such thing... I encourage everyone to have your fun to the fullest, as long as you don't insist on nudging my self-pity by wishing me a happy day. Thus my proposed custom, the BLACK HEART, which seems like a simple and practical way to avoid these discussions.
-- hob, Feb 14 2002

I am married with children - it's still crap. ;o}
-- arora, Feb 14 2002

If you have a good dog, every day is valentine's day. Heh heh heh.
-- Dog Ed, Feb 14 2002

The only thing missing in my gym this evening was a big banner reading 'Depressed Singles Night'.
-- -alx, Feb 14 2002

i have a partner, and i still think it's crap, too. crap, crap, crap. I just don't get it. total strangers wished me a happy valentine's day this morning, too, and i had trouble responding in a way that wasn't rude...
-- romy, Feb 14 2002

see, what gets me is that this stupid holiday is supposed to be about love. or am I misunderstanding something here? so, if I'm right, then why is the friggin' UPS guy wishing me a happy V day? or my boss, for that matter? seems somehow grotesquely intimate, in a Barbie-Land, Hallmark, plastic pink heart kind of way. my suggestion? don't wish anyone a damn happy V day unless you love them and you're pretty sure they love you, too.
-- romy, Feb 14 2002

I tried to convey the impression by wearing red and black (tastefully, not Rocky Horror-style).

Unfortunately, having an uneventful day isn't a good thing either in my case. Conflicting days.
-- bookworm, Feb 14 2002

A friend of mine took his wife to the card shop, and picked out a Valentine card. He showed it to her and asked if she liked it. She said she did. He put it back on the rack and said, "okay, that's the one I would have gotten you."

I don't think I wished anyone a _damn_ happy V day, but I did as romy suggested, and only wished it to those I love (and I'm reasonably sure love me. It does happen).

hob, wearing a heart such as this on your sleeve is a good way to ensure you have many more severe romantic disappointments in the future. Fishbone. A real bony one too, like a mackerel.
-- waugsqueke, Feb 15 2002

// ... and only wished it to those I love (and I'm reasonably sure love me. It does happen). //

Oh sure . . . now you are really dreaming, waugs.
-- bristolz, Feb 15 2002

Yeah. What the hell was I thinking? Must have had too much Chablis last night.
-- waugsqueke, Feb 15 2002

//Wahey! Its the annual "Valintine's Day is crap because I am single" idea! //

mcscotland, it's been my experience that those that complain the most about V-Day are angry b/c they have been hurt deeply. I think bliss has the right idea about giving hugs to the relationship impaired. Croissant for that idea!
-- runforrestrun, Feb 15 2002

Looks like Cupid's arrows are fatal.
-- thumbwax, Feb 15 2002

There is entirely too much emphasis already placed on the status of Valentine's day as a "black" holiday.
-- reensure, Feb 15 2002

Watchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?
-- thumbwax, Feb 16 2002

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