Culture: Wedding or Divorce
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The bride wore loops.

A new kind of wedding ceremony, based on two partners wearing suits made from opposite forms of velcro, embracing, being hard to separate and easy to push down the stairs.
-- jutta, Dec 06 2000

Love it!!

If the Bride wears loops and the Groom wears hooks, you could throw specially-made velcro confetti with blue hook pieces and pink loop pieces so that a big cloud of mixed confetti thrown in the air would stick to Bride or Groom depending on colour when it lands. Wonderfully tacky.
-- hippo, Dec 06 2000

That wouldn't be very aesthetic.
-- cIEL, Dec 09 2000

Then they could jump onto one of those velcro walls.. and take their wedding pictures.
-- batgirl, Dec 09 2000

What wedding tradition involves pushing the bride and groom down some stairs?
-- Fletche, Dec 09 2000

None that I know of (and I can see why - it sounds dangerous.) It was meant as a facetious threat.
-- jutta, Dec 14 2000

Im in on the guinea pig idea. cute little critters...
-- darth_smoothies, Feb 01 2001

As one smack dab in the middle of the delightful and wacky circus that is divorce, I wish the pushing-down-the-stairs bit had been done to me, just prior to proposal.
-- thedevilwiththegreeneyes, Jun 22 2001

//and easy to push down the stairs.//

Now, that's funny, I'd watch that.
-- skinflaps, Dec 15 2005

I felt like bumping this idea (now I can't get it off of me!)
-- phundug, Jan 06 2009

//(now I can't get it off of me!)//

Did it work?
-- skinflaps, Jan 06 2009

Vary Cool but after the first dance they would never part all day. Never mind that could be vary fun.
-- dev45, Jun 30 2009

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