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Culture: Music
virtual fans   (-3)  [vote for, against]
scream at virtual bands/singers

to be at a virtual band's live concert ,rather than just seeing the music video- virtual fans, something akin to avatars or the player's character in a video game
-- technobadger, Sep 29 2001

thankyou wax
-- technobadger, Sep 29 2001

So I could go to a concert headlined by a band that doesn't really exist, surrounded by hundreds of screaming people who also don't really exist?

-- mrkillboy, Sep 30 2001

I dunno, mrkillboy, this sounds horribly like the future of pop music.
-- Dog Ed, Oct 01 2001

Instead of going to a stadium gig and watching the artist of your choice on a giant video screen, the camera could film the audience as well and project them up beside him. I know they do this to some extent already, but that's really designed for girls who've got their tits out. I'm thinking of something more egalitarian, so everyone could be less than 100 metres from their idol, at least for a few seconds, and at least virtually.
-- pottedstu, Oct 03 2001

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