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These may be baked, but I've looked for them and found none... I would like headphones that have a limiter so they won't emit sound above a certain db limit. Then I can let my kid use them and not worry about the music being so loud that it damages their hearing.
-- gonzola, Jan 05 2009

Automatic Volume Limiter http://earplugstore...t/earsavolifor.html
Plug it in, and plug in your headphones. [goldbb, Jan 05 2009]

LoudEnough: small size, volume limiting earphones
And a really cute bunny mascot! Awww. [jutta, Dec 28 2010]

KidzSafe Earbuds http://www.westone....og/kidzsafe-earbuds
[jutta, Dec 28 2010]

Nice, but you'll have to have a way to keep the user from defeating the limit.

iPods will let you limit volume in the device itself and that's a start.
-- phoenix, Jan 05 2009

Sony Walkman also has a db limiter in the device, and that was a major selling point for me. But that's easy to turn off - it's in the options menu. And many MP3 players don't have that feature.

I want a pair of earbuds I can give to my kid that are *incapable* of producing ear-splitting loudness, so she can listen to music from any device and I don't have to worry about hearing loss.
-- gonzola, Jan 05 2009

Buy a European model MP3 player - volume reduction is a legal requirement in France.
[marked-for-deletion] Invented by the French.
-- coprocephalous, Jan 05 2009

They exist and i own some. I find them deeply annoying and i feel like throwing them under heavy traffic whenever i use them.
-- nineteenthly, Jan 05 2009

Be sure to take them off before you do that.
-- jutta, Jan 05 2009

Ha! I share them with my daughter, so i'll give her them first. Yes i know, manky manky nastiness lurks in the external auditory meatus.
-- nineteenthly, Jan 05 2009

I've added links to two recently arrived products in this space that a reader who was searching for the same thing sent in via email. Congratulations for recognizing the need early! (Since the colors are the same, and the function is pretty much the same, I wonder if this is the same product via two different resellers--anyone know?)
-- jutta, Dec 28 2010

I dunno. The main problem is when you have one generation with dud hearing, and another generation with well- preserved hearing. One will always be saying "What??" and the other will always be mumbling. As long as everyone is equally deaf, it's all good.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 28 2010

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