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Display incidence of votes over time

To make industrial ballot-stuffing visible on a website, display the incidence of votes over time, rather than just the outcome. I wish sites like the IMDB did this; it might also show interesting trends in opinion, e.g., of first-weekend-moviegoers vs. movie renters vs. the pre-screening audience.
-- jutta, Aug 12 1999

The Internet Movie Database [jutta, Aug 12 1999]

Amateur small-scale ballot stuffing.
The revolution eats its children. (Or its neighbor's children?) [jutta, Aug 12 1999]

BUT, what about the well known phenomenon of people responding according to how others are behaving? Have you never convinced a roomful of people that white is black?
-- Nicholas, Mar 25 2000

Only let you see the votes after you've cast your own.
-- egnor, Mar 28 2000

Regardless of whether you can infer ballot-stuffing, I think the extra data would be interesting.
-- syost, Jul 28 2000

increment todays bin!
-- Dub, Dec 15 2005

//Have you never convinced a roomful of people that white is black?//

No, but Michael Jackson has tried.....
-- Minimal, Dec 16 2005

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