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Product: Cigarette: Holder
weatherproof cigarette holder   (+3, -2)  [vote for, against]
at least me fag's dry.

Smoking in adverse weather conditions can be difficult and expensive. A fag will only hold so many drops of water and wind can play havoc with the cherry. These problems are worse when smoking rollies or joints. As so many smokers can only indulge outside nowadays (especially in California) i propose a waterproof holder to avoid this.

The difficulty lies in drawing a compromise between waterproofing, air flow and bulk. Air inlets must circulate enough fresh air to feed the fag without blowing too much or getting it wet. This could easily get too big. My prototype consists of a Pringles tube with an oval shaped hole for two fingers opposite a round one for one of these fingers. These fingers hold the fag and smoking looks rather like drinking Pringles. This works well but is unweildy and uncomfortable. Specialised construction should be able to reduce the size a fair bit.

Non-smokers should note that smoking in these conditions is usually possible, in fact I once smoked a camel wide in a boat next to Niagra falls to see if it could be done. It does ruin the experience though; the Camel made me sick (or probably the stuff that formed the all too rigid foam floating by). This halfinvention would be invaluable to office workers, fishermen, hikers and anyone else who would like to enjoy a cancer stick in less than beautiful conditions. (or beautiful conditions in Wales).
-- stilgar, Jun 10 2004

blimey that first bone was fast. i mean, i expected them but inside the first minute? crikey.
-- stilgar, Jun 10 2004

I was just outside taking a cigarette break and I had this very same idea. My idea used a glass tube, though. The type they sell cigars in. There would be a hole cut in the closed end with a rubber stopper attatched to a regular cigarette holder. The holder would be able to be pushed forward to place the cigarette in it, and then pulled back to create an airtight seal again.
-- darklight, Aug 08 2004

I remember at school the "cool kids" during breaktimes would head down to the end of the school field, open a can of coke, pour the contents on the floor and then, bending the ring pull over, would push a lit cigarette through the ring pull and into the empty can with just the filter poking out. This enabled them to surreptitiously smoke a cigarette whilst being perceived to be innocently supping a soft drink.

Something along these lines could be implemented with this idea, although a half-baked flaming mechanism inside the can would be needed for the initial lighting.
-- theleopard, Apr 12 2007

What a great idea. When I was in school similar kids did that by holding the fag behind a bottle of soda, I now wonder why none of us ever thought of using an empty can. Genius.
-- stilgar, Apr 14 2007

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