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iiiicccceeee creeeeaaaaammmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

when you're melting on a hot day such as we've been having in most of north america this summer, it's so refreshing to have the ice cream truck unexpectedly drive through your neighbourhood, and watch as the kids come running, pavlovian-style, asking for money, so they can chill out with that oh-so-soft ice cream that only the ice cream truck can deliver.

sometimes, though, the ice cream truck doesn't show, and you wonder where it is. so you go to to find the ice cream truck nearest to your location. every truck is fitted with gps, and its location is updated every minute. if you have a wap phone, you can be notified when the ice cream truck is near you wherever you go.
-- mihali, Jul 18 2002

RDS Icey Alerts http://www.halfbake...RDS_20Icey_20Alerts
Same problem, different solution. [calum, Jul 19 2002]

Ice cream!
-- reensure, Jul 19 2002

Did you scream?
-- FarmerJohn, Jul 19 2002

in England, you know where the ice cream van is, because it plays a tuneless rendition of Greensleeves. However, I grant you that that won't help if it's *not* around.
-- sappho, Jul 19 2002

<ot>My local supermarket has started stocking Ben & Jerry's. Not many varieties, but it's a start.</ot>
-- angel, Jul 19 2002

I fear this ice cream truck locator system would prove just too useful to terrorists.
-- beauxeault, Jul 19 2002

Agreed beauxeault. The sphincter-clenching tension of wiring up unstable, home-made explosives to a 1970's Mickey Mouse digital watch would be so much less of a challenge if you could easily locate the nearest ice-cream van and so relieve your dry-mouthed apprehension.
-- DrBob, Jul 19 2002

I thought everyone was suing ice cream trucks for noise pollution?
-- DrCurry, Jul 19 2002


They (everyone) lost in Sweden.
-- FarmerJohn, Jul 19 2002

The annoying music doesn't help you locate them? The ones in my neighborhood only play a 30 second loop of Popeye the Sailor Man played on a honky-tonk piano. I am ready to open fire
-- Mr Burns, Jul 19 2002

See, I told you. Terrorists.
-- beauxeault, Jul 19 2002

This would be the perfect tool to make it possible to introduce my daughter to the ice cream truck. Ours goes so fast that you'd have to already be out in the yard, money in hand when you first hear the music to be able to have any chance at flagging it down. With the locator we could be that prepared!

I have no clue how our ice cream truck guy makes any money. Maybe he isn't really selling *ice cream* (wink wink, nudge nudge)
-- ninaradio, Jul 20 2002

If someone were to mastermind plan "ice cream glory", preventative action could be taken. Someone from the defence would have to monitor driving patterns of the ice cream guys " light violation at ice cream truck A" *smug smile* - We got 'em this time! Intercept and destroy.
-- proto13, Apr 06 2004

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