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window guides for bugs   (+14)  [vote for, against]

Many flowers (see link) have patterns invisible to the human eye which appear to those insects which can see the ultraviolet part of the colour spectrum. These patterns guide the insect to the plant.

Many flying insects, when inside a room, seem to be pathologically inable to locate an open window to escape, even when it is very close. It's not their fault; Nature, in her infinite wisdom, is presumably working on it.

I propose that the areas around windows be painted in ultraviolet patterns that will guide the insects to the open part of the window. This will assist both in relieving the creature's confusion and relieving the room's occupants' annoyance.
-- dbmag9, May 31 2008

UV Flowers http://www.naturfot...V_flowers_list.html
Contains several photos of flowers both in normal colour and ultraviolet. [dbmag9, May 31 2008]

Carp trap Carp_20Trap
We should get some kind of automatic extractor going on... [ye_river_xiv, May 31 2008]

Ultraviolet bun.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, May 31 2008

Common scents. [+]
-- 4whom, May 31 2008

Better still, paint it on an extractor fan so they only have to get close before they are sucked out, never to return.
-- Bad Jim, May 31 2008

If the window was closed, they would fly towards the closed window...splughat! Either way, problem solved. {+]
-- Klaatu, May 31 2008

You know, I think the problem may be that windows already contain UV patterns due to imperfections in the glass. We could probably pattern these to draw an insect towards a desired area...

What we really need though, is a fly-powered extractor and live-release, or killer mechanism. I suggest we closely examine the ingenious plan of Napoleonbag's carp trap [linky] for potential miniaturization to solve this issue.
-- ye_river_xiv, May 31 2008

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