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one for the evil freedom foundation

some time in the [possibly near]future apparently terrorists could make nuclear bombs or buy them off the black market. if there were a legal company making and selling them this could be chaos. so have fake companies set up[secretly] by some sort of anti terrorist organisation that make rubbish bombs;a confusing amount.
-- technobadger, Jun 28 2001

... which are, of course, filled with custard(the glowing green, non-explosive variety)....
-- RobertKidney, Jun 28 2001

I thought this was going to be a bomb that you'd throw into a village square filled with mediaeval peasants, one which, instead of exploding, would give out a deafening cry of 'Wolf! Wolf!', scattering said peasants in panic. But maybe I've just read too many anarchist fairy tales.
-- Guy Fox, Jun 29 2001

I thought it would have been a CNN thing, wherein the army drops foriegn correspondents on the recalcitrant as the final warning before commencing a stern regime of no-fly zone enforcements or whatever.

Good name, though!
-- mcdonald107, Jun 29 2001

I'll be all in favor of a + vote for this, if someone can explain to me the name. I can't decide if it's clever or vaguely offensive to those of a lupine persuasion.
Then again, it's been a long day. Maybe my brain just isn't working. :-)
-- cloaked!stoat, Jun 29 2001

so do the Feds arrest anyone who buys one of these fake nukes?
-- MuddDog, Jun 29 2001

I thought this was about putting time-bombs inside wolves and then letting them run free on city street.

You could train they to seek out a perticular target, like the Whitehouse. People wouldn't see them as a threat and would just try and shoo them away.
-- CasaLoco, Jun 29 2001

CasaLoco: Use coyotes instead, and you've got a plan.
-- cloaked!stoat, Jun 29 2001

anarchist fairy tales?
-- futurebird, Jun 30 2001

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