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feature on a browser program

for when you cant remember whether a site was .com .net or something else,to type in .duh and have it look for all of them
-- technobadger, Jan 05 2002
Baked exactly as described. There are plenty of other sites that do the same thing, but this one has an easy to remember URL. [mwburden, Jan 06 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Come join the fun!
...or maybe not [thumbwax, May 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

And if there is more than one? just displays them as a pair of links? or more like a search engine?
-- RobertKidney, Jan 05 2002

perhaps new windows
-- technobadger, Jan 05 2002

Ustabe you'd type url:whateverthehell and search, you'd get everything that contained the term plus everything that mimed it … whateverthehellyouwant, whateverthehellyouwnat, whateverthehellfor, and so on. Doesn't work like a dream, though
-- reensure, Jan 05 2002

It's not a bad idea. Wild cards are used in many traditional search engines. Why not something that looks for variations of URLs and provide a list to choose from. This list could also include variations of spelling, hyphen vs. no hyphen and the mentioned suffixes.
-- RobGraham, Jan 06 2002

I want a random button.
-- phoenix, Jan 06 2002

darn thing's bouncin' again [...kicks the Autonomous PeterSealy Bot]
-- sdm, Jan 06 2002

Yeah, I think my browser has a "find the matches" sort of search capability, so I'd have to call baked as well.

Looks like PeterSealy has defaulted into PeterSilly mode. Get out the defibrillator .........CLEAR!
-- Canuck, Jan 06 2002

Sorry, but I have to go with [PeterSealy] on this one. Just go to (or any of 1000 other websites that let you do a whois lookup), type the part of the domain you know, and it will show you a list of matching domains.
-- mwburden, Jan 06 2002

Yes, [mwburden], but that's not nearly as nice as just typing in ".duh" as a top-level domain wildcard.
-- bristolz, Apr 30 2002

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