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dynamic jewellery

girl%20with%20yoyo%20ear-rings delicately balanced and precision made, these yoyos dangle from each ear and at the slightest movement of the head they are sent spinning downwards or bungeed back up; the white gold and diamond bearings twinkling through the transparent casing as they do so.

with a little practice you could learn to ‘walk the dog’ by using just a fraction more movement of your head, the yoyos will travel up the silver thread, over your ears and back down again to the amazement of all your friends.

‘rocking the baby’ is more complicated and may take some weeks to accomplish but will definitely keep a toddler amused and may actually mesmorise them to sleep so its definitely worth pursuing.

the ‘forward pass’ involves the yoyo/yoyos extending forwards some feet and may not be appreciated at dinner parties but as a self-defence move it is incomparable.

please remember though that these are not toys but sensitive items of jewellery and the manufacturers cannot be responsible for breakage if treated roughly or inappropriately.
-- po, Dec 11 2004

yoyo ear-rings [FarmerJohn, Dec 15 2004, last modified Dec 16 2004]

Yo-yo ear-rings
Done, like everything else in life, in the Simpsons. The Twirl King troupe had Sparkle, with a yo-yo in each ear. There's a mention about 1/4 way through. Please forgive my geekiness. [suctionpad, Dec 15 2004]

oh yes! http://www.diamondt...Canary_Diamond.html
[po, Dec 17 2004]

These would make the perfect anniversary present, along with the precision weighted hula necklace.
-- Detly, Dec 11 2004

Ha ha ha ha ha.
-- Pericles, Dec 11 2004

Around the world could prove hazardous.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 12 2004

Imagine those singers who move around alot and swing their heads, wearing these.
-- DesertFox, Dec 12 2004

<oblig I thought this was going to be>Ha, I thought this was going to be a rap thing "a yo yo yo"</oblig I thought this was going to be>
-- neilp, Dec 13 2004

Hooray for [po]! I can now buy the Missy jewellery without getting bored - "Wow the Cartier 5000s! These come with high rev. diamond axles and emerald spinners as standard!"[+]
-- DocBrown, Dec 13 2004

nice, [po] that's using the old noggin.
-- dentworth, Dec 13 2004

Pat Butcher eat your heart out.

Piccy please [FJ].
-- wagster, Dec 13 2004

if he doesn't I might and that's a threat not a promise.

funny, I was thinking Bet Lynch.
-- po, Dec 13 2004

Go for it po, and that’s an encouragement not an encumbrance.
-- FarmerJohn, Dec 13 2004

Go, go, po, go!
-- wagster, Dec 13 2004

Fun and sophisticated jewelry, all in one. Talk to me, Harry Winston! [+]
-- Machiavelli, Dec 15 2004

Images of telletubbies joining the Massai tribe fill my head.
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 15 2004

thanks FJ. classy, very classy.

not ear-rings, suctionpad!
-- po, Dec 15 2004

Thanks [FJ], but I can see the illustration neither in-line nor via the link. Had similar problems with one of [bris]'s recently too.
-- wagster, Dec 16 2004

how can 6 people hate this so much?
or me!

I need a sabbatical perhaps.
-- po, Dec 16 2004

We love you [po]! Anyway, given your last posting I can't see a sabbatical lasting more than 24 hours.
-- wagster, Dec 16 2004

uhm . . . 7. And it's not hate! Hate is such a strong word.
-- contracts, Dec 16 2004

Wow, are those huge canary diamonds on either side of the "string"?
-- Machiavelli, Dec 17 2004

what are canary diamonds?
-- po, Dec 17 2004

[po], canary diamonds are yellow diamonds. They're absolutely gorgeous.
-- Machiavelli, Dec 17 2004

do you know someone who might buy me one for xmas?
-- po, Dec 17 2004

Two words: sugar daddy. And ask for more than one!
-- Machiavelli, Dec 17 2004

Good team. +
-- sartep, Dec 18 2004

<obligatory variation on the old tongue ring joke.>
-- DrCurry, Dec 18 2004

pardon? nice illustration ...
-- po, Aug 19 2005

There's me, thinking you meant the minty biscuits!
-- Dub, Aug 24 2006

Can't believe I haven't seen this one before. Also uncanny the way the illustration is *exactly* what [po] looks like in real life.
-- hippo, Aug 24 2006

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