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tie things together with zip-ties

Have you ever come across a peice of furniture that has been disturbingly wobbly?
I have.
And it pisses me off.
But then i thought; why not zip-tie things together, that way they would be way more stable and (as an added bonus) you would get to zip-tie stuff.Free standing objects would need to be zip-tied to the floor.
-- andrew1, May 12 2005

Hmmm... http://www.askoxfor...utother/oxfordcomma
[goatfaceKilla, May 13 2005]

Katamari Damacy http://www.gamespot...amashii/review.html
stick everything in the world together, inculding zip ties [Laughs Last, May 14 2005]

(?) Stainless Steel Cable Ties http://www.cabac.co..._316/SST200_316.htm
A packet of these and a set of vice grips. All you need. Ever. [Custardguts, Feb 15 2008]

Why will the zip-ties improve stability or eliminate wobble?
-- bristolz, May 12 2005

Ugh, have you all forgotten about duct tape? sigh.
-- SpocksEyebrow, May 12 2005

Maybe we could make entire pieces of furniture from zip-ties, though they'd have to be tension structures hung from the ceiling.
-- david_scothern, May 12 2005

Imagine two tables sitting next to each other, one is wobbly, the other isnt.Now imagineing attacthing them together with two carefully placed zip ties.If that doesnt work, zip-tie them to the floor.
//Ugh, have you all forgotten about duct tape?//no, I havnt forgotten about duct tape, but zip-ties make a better noise when you 'zip' them.
-- andrew1, May 12 2005

I always thought it was Duck tape.
-- goatfaceKilla, May 12 2005

I already live in a zip-tie utopia......although it might not be widely known. You should see my truck, my dive equipment, my home, my industrial solutions.....zip-ties are the other side of the duct-tape coin.
-- normzone, May 12 2005

I love that sound.
-- daseva, May 12 2005

We call it gaffer tape (or gaffa tape) here in the UK. It is the only thing in the world more useful than zip-ties. In fact with those two products I don't really think we need anything else.
-- wagster, May 12 2005

Well Gaffer tape in the US is entirely different to Duct tape, but it does exist. Gaffer's tape is used by Gaffers (chief lighting techs) because it normally doesnt leave a residue/rip paint when sticking it to walls.

Many people think Gaffer's Tape and Duct Tape are the same thing. To that, I laugh out loud very much.
-- SpocksEyebrow, May 12 2005

its not the stuff that models use to accentuate their cleavage then?
-- po, May 13 2005

[po] I've seen it done actually.
-- SpocksEyebrow, May 13 2005

//I prefer my stick welder for metal furniture. A little messy, but easy cleanup with a grinder and wet dry vac//why? in my opinion zip-ties are way more fun than a welder (except for the sparks)
-- andrew1, May 13 2005

Swords and shelves are whaco alright.

I shoot fireworks at my dog and drink milk upside down, top that Ace!
-- daseva, May 13 2005

How is zip tying things together a new idea? That's what zip ties are for, for goodness' sake!
-- DrCurry, May 13 2005

I do both those things, Daseva, and I fuck my sister. (Not your dog, mine.)
-- goatfaceKilla, May 13 2005

What's more important is whether you are any good at it.
-- normzone, May 13 2005

//How is zip tying things together a new idea? That's what zip ties are for, for goodness' sake//no, my idea is to zip tie everything together, not just a few things, but everything
-- andrew1, May 14 2005

All three at once, [GFK]? I bet you get confused sometimes and light your sister's hair on fire and throw milk at your dog while fucking it upside down.

But, that's neither here nor there...
-- daseva, May 14 2005

We need a Halfbakery:Quarantine category for threads like this.
-- wagster, May 14 2005

//We need a Halfbakery:Quarantine category for threads like this.//

But these are the best kind.
-- finrod, May 14 2005

Is it really better, or has everyone just wandered off to talk about something else?
-- reensure, May 14 2005

//We need a Halfbakery:Quarantine category for threads like this.//why?
-- andrew1, May 15 2005

Back to the zip-ties for a second.

The noise they make is the best part of this idea, why not make duct tape that produces the same sound as a zip-tie, instead of that ripping sound, although there's absolutely nothing wrong with the ripping sound now.

It's all about choices, and giving the customer what they want.
-- Cracked, May 15 2005

^^^^^^^^^^i agree^^^^^^^^^
-- andrew1, Jun 19 2005

See <linky>. Exactly like a zip-tie, but stainless steel. These can be used in load-bearing, and the big ones are good for 100's of kilos <different brands and sizes available>. I carry a packet of big ones <~11X1X700 mm> around when 4wding, you'd be surprised what you can hold together with these bad boys.
-- Custardguts, Feb 15 2008

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