EMAIL:1st2know [The "a" trapped in a bubble] pobox [The character that looks exactly like Polaris] com

When fishbones aren't enough, send cruise missles to:
41.710023N -087.66552W
(Phone first, to make sure I'm home).

Special Skill: Thanx to an underdeveloped left hand/arm, I can stick my hand in vending machines and retrieve free goodies.

Weekness: Refined sugar and simple starches drain my superhuman strength. Currently I have no superhuman strenght thanx to a Skittles addiction[See "Special Skill"].

My favorite HB topics would include something about:
- Astronomy
- Bicycles, or any HPV for that matter
- Organic food and medicine
- Harmonicas
- Exercising without wasting time
- Using computer/internet to improve the quality of life.
- Game theory
- Mathematics education
- Recycling
- Public transportation
- Micro-manufacturing

[Jun 12 2004, last modified Oct 22 2008]

airBike (+8)
Diamagnetic Table Hockey (+6)
Folding Ped-a-Cycle (+5)
Hot-Spot Pet Tracker (+2)
Khords For The Klumsy (+1)
Minimize Until: (+7, -2)

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