Gone but hopefully not forgotten (at least by a few). In truth, I've got too much on in my life to waste as much time on the net as I used to. Besides, I got fed up with the vast amounts of trolling and unnecessary arguments.

<Obligatory Highly Cliched, Slightly Profound Statement> I may be back, which is why my account stays open, then again I may not be, only time will tell. </OHCSPS>

[May 09 2001]

1/2 Week (+10)
"Changed since you were last here" in halfbakery category (+3, -1)
El Pedanto (+16, -3)
Evil People 'Paper (+5, -2)
No Eating Section (+6)
Please Don't Feed The Troll (+9, -3)
Procrastination Man (+9, -4)
The REAL Band Experience (+7, -2)
Vibro-Club (+4)

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