Blurb: Hi, I'm Freelancer. I move from idea to idea fairly rapidly (I tend to go in idea spurts with most things - have a bunch and then vanish for a bit and then have a few more and so on) but I try to add notes when appropriate or when I think it's funny (though I could be misguided with that at times :p). I'll try to make sure my posts are intended in humour and are as accurate scientifically as I can make them. Apologies now if they're not.

Background: Mainly Literature based with some University training in Computers and industry experience in Consumer Electronics.

Location: Sydney, Australia

High Interests: Computers, Gadgets, Technology, Humour.

Low Interests: High-end Polito-geek gibbering (I admit it, I just made that up), flaming, arse-kissing.

Ideas I like: Funny ones. It's more important to me that something is funny that necessarily accurate or possible. After all, you never know what might be possible one day.

Ideas I hate: Ones like "Let's all say how Uber and Cool baker 'n' is", yet another "Hurt people with mobile phones/talking loudly in theatres/cinemas"

Comments? Flames?


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