Greetings Inventors! So far, the best and most practical idea I've seen on this site is "Piñhatas!" Find it; you won't be disappointed!

{ e-mail if interested in pursuing development of any specific item } I'm back on it! Went and upgraded, and preparing to launch new initiatives! I'll keep you posted ..

I at one time worked as a machinist for a local company who exclusively carried government contracts for submarine/naval components, and other private contracts. I worked independently on a variety of machines, and was required to interpret NAVSEA schematics and render precision parts from raw materials. Before that job, I worked as shop help and a CNC program debugger at a local computer housing and components manufacturer. Between those fulfilling yet tedious occupations, I went to school for GD&T and have successfully petitioned and received contract responses to my personal drawings. GD&T; JScript (best with Internet Explorer or Safari 2.0 or better.) professional networking site

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Circuit Sandwiches (+1, -5)
Fish-Out-Of-Water Aquatics Projector (+8)
Flexi-Naps (+2, -11)
Fortified Viti-Comb (+4, -2)
Light Sabre Technics (+2, -9)
Make Money! (+1, -8)
Mandatory HalfBakery Legislative Review (+3, -8)
"Paper or Plastic" Satellites (+2, -5)
Resume Resources (+6, -16)
Shelf Life (+1, -1)
Social Scientist Smackdown! (+3, -14)
The Salamander (+2, -5)

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