The world I live in is a world of strangeness. People constantly forget about Dre, or stand up claiming to be the real Slim Shady. All of which is utter nonsense. NO NEED!

The good thing about my world is that there are plenty of places in which to conjure up half-baked ideas. They're called pubs. Pubs have been responsible for almost every half-baked idea I have ever had, such as the 100 foot high robot designed as a handy way of going shopping in busy towns (people would actually get out of your way - the only problem we came up with was actually fitting into shops, so we decided to use AT-AT's instead and just blow the shops up so we could get inside).

Talking of pubs, I feel like a pint. I'm off...

[Jun 28 2000, last modified Jun 30 2000]

Automatic Commuter Waker (+4)
Automatic drink fetcher (+3, -3)
"Change it" Mobile / Remote (+7, -1)

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