The third of seven daughters, Mexican, Multilingual, Bitch, Friendly, Contrastant, Born to create, Onironaut, Flâneuse, Contorsionudist, Idealist romantic, Inactive activist, Stubborn, Procrastinator, Touchy, Budgetless traveler, Undisciplined writer, Humanistic psychotherapist in training, Mellow heart, Restless soul, Lacks good memory, Can't spell things correctly in english (and usually makes up words), Perfume makes her sneeze, Learned to enjoy wearing shoes, Loves talking to dogs, Sings bad songs, Thinks feminism is a paradox, Dreams on the day when she becomes a musician, Doesn't take life as seriously as most people, Thinks God is everywhere, Spiritual, Beautiful...

Unique, like everyone else.

[Oct 04 2004, last modified Feb 04 2010]

Back To Life Co. (+10)
Baketionary (+6)
Big Bomber (0)
Cactus Bread (+1)
Doc's (+2)
Expo Hostess (+7, -2)
¡Feliz Navidad! (+10)
Macho Macho Man (+47, -16)
Tastiny: fortune candy (+16)
The green pathway (+21, -5)
The Haunted Resorts (+13)
The Look-Alike Superhero Company (+1)
Wake me up, before you go-go... (+9, -1)
Work (it) out (+6)
Would you hand me a receipt, please? (+26, -5)

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