StarChaser the Once and Future Tech Support Tyger, Enlightener of the Dense, Smiter of ~*.tmp, freelance weirdo on my days off.

As of June 26 2002, ALL my days are off anymore. I got fired for leaving a desk containing nothing more confidential than a bag of potato chips unlocked. So, now I'm looking for work, oh joy, oh bliss, oh genuine rapture.

As of September 30, 2003, I got a job...doing tech support for AOL. Ghod help me.

In January 2006, I told AOhelL to, to quote Frank Zappa, "Ram it, ram it, ram it up your poopchute" and went to Verizon internal tech support. This has been a mostly good thing...

As of Nov 2011, I got moved from Verizon internal to only commercial support. This is...slightly precarious.

And just to help avoid confusion, I'm an American.

Eschewing Obfuscation, inter alia. was my main page, and used to be the Doofus of the Unspecified Time Period, my tech-support venting site, and once was a picture of me, and

StarChaser @ still is both my slightly munged email address and according to friends, a relatively accurate assessment.

[Oct 24 1999, last modified Mar 23 2012]

Data-side scratch resistant CDs (+9, -1)
Date the links (+15, -4)
Maglev skating (+30, -3)
Rate of close indicator (+11, -4)
"Update this bookmark" button (+11, -2)
"What's that noise?" lane. (+5, -6)

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