Working on prototype for more than novel robotic toy using 3 to 5 servos and muscle wire. This is more for adults than little kids. Think “Sharper Image” or similar. In my opinion more interesting and with longer term play value than RoboSapien product (but probably a bit more expensive and less geared towards the youngster so fewer sales).

If interested in collaboration and have engineering experience, Embedded micro skills, knowledge of design, Refining design for large-scale manufacturing efficiencies etc etc... then let me know.


[Mar 28 2005, last modified Apr 11 2005]

ATM card cleaner scam (+1, -2)
Bachelor t-shirt (-2)
Ceiling mounted robot arm (+4, -2)
Farming ridable millipedes (+2, -1)
Paintball hit detection (+3, -8)
Shocking pet toy (+3, -1)
Sleepy Safety Slippers, or shoes for the blind (+4, -1)
True threat Radar Detector (+2)
Video Showerhead conserves water (+3, -3)
Virtual reality drive (+2)

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