Ideas that turned out to be baked...

Digital Sundown
"and code by the light of the moon"
entire Windows/MAC display to change light direction throughout the day akin to the sun's rise and fall over the earth.

Bouncy People Pouch http://freehangingchair.com/hammock_chair.html (Actually this hammock isn't bouncy but close enough)

Frozen Arc http://research.nottingham.ac.uk/NewsReviews/newsDisplay.aspx?id=80

Someone Else's Pet-arium http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Web_20Cam_20Gallery#1031084267 (Subscription service aquarium-shaped high-def TV piping in someone else's live; fish, turtle, frog, whatever. Too close, darn.)


[Nov 01 2005, last modified Aug 02 2006]

A Push-Brite Wall (+10, -1)
Bioaudimoticons (+2)
Datascraper (+3, -1)
Dog Treat Dispensing Stick (+5, -1)
Dream Tiger-Repelling Dream Pod (+20)
Japanese Puzzle Lunch Box (+19)
Snap-n-Grow (+2)
WashyBall (+17)

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