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In the beginning there was darkness.........

Then emulated the founding element of wood. As the wood set light it created the element fire. The fire then united with the wood creating ashes, which made the element earth. Earth was then believed to give birth to the element metal, Where metal was mined water was found nearby, leading to the believe that metal produced water.

Wood is said to be able to defeat the element earth as the trees grow their roots spread through the soil thus separating the earth.

Earth is said to be able to defeat water as the earth controls the flow of water.

Water is the master of fire as it has the capability of extinguishing flames.

Fire defeats metal as the hot flames are used to melt metal down to it's liquid form thus giving humans the ability to shape it.

Metal defeats wood as humans can shape metal into sharp cutting implements, which can be used to cut trees.

But one element remains that has not been written. The element of the bakery giving humans the mind to master all the elements and create objects beyond the imagination of the ancients.

The philosophy of the bakery

All existing elements played part in the making of the bakery as they created us.

The bakery has the power to defeat all elements as it gives mind to the living thus enabling us to control them.

One must not think in too many minds.

"Wisdom is a treasure for all time"

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