Aum Namah Sivayah

"I offer my humble obeisances to Lord Shiva."

Neelandan is a corrupted form of the name Neelakantan.
Neela-kanta-n means the

In need of the elixir of eternal life, the Gods were churning the ocean of milk with an uprooted mountain, using the giant serpent Vasuki for a rope. Greatly fatigued, Vasuki vomited up a load of his highly potent venom, sufficient to poison the whole world. Lord Shiva stepped in, gathered the whole lot, and drank. His wife rushed up and gripped his throat to stop it going any further. So there it stayed, turning his throat a bright blue.

Lord Shiva is the God of destruction.
He is the ultimate God and so is called Parameswaran.
He rules over the Universe and so is called Jagannathan.
His throat is blue and so he is called Neelakantan.
He wears the river Ganga in his hair and so is called Gangadharan.
He wears the moon in his hair and so is called Chandrasekharan.
He lives at the Kailas mountain and so is called Kailasanathan.
He is the King of actors and so is called Natarajan.
His wife is Parvathy, daughter of the mountain.
His mount is a bull named Nandi.

Critics might say that there is a lot of him (the bull)
in my ideas.

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About half my ideas garner fishbones, and I delete them. Not that they were bad. Oh no. Just that the hb'ers were just not ready for them, or that they were too much in advance of the times, whatever.

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By Perez Ramon.
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For my fantasies, my thoughts
Which, uttered at home,
Would hie me to the

[Oct 03 2001, last modified Jan 16 2012]

Access control curtain (+11)
Aerogel Lightbulb (-2)
Aerosol cultivation (+3, -1)
Alarm flags (+6, -2)
Always downhill road (+5, -2)
Always uphill road (+5, -4)
Ant de graaf generator (+6)
Assembly Line Church (+4, -1)
Astral guest book (-1)
Auto Reverse (+4)
Big brother matchmaker (+3, -2)
Bilingual verses (+5)
BITE voice readout (+1)
Branded Air (-1)
Bugs (+1)
Bum Steer (+1)
Bus simulator seats (+3, -4)
Canine suite (0)
Chromatic spoons (+1)
Computer power switch (0)
Crowing cock memory stick (+9, -1)
Democratic dictionary (+6, -14)
Dotmatrix toaster (+5, -5)
Dummy parallel displayed hard disk (+11, -1)
EAP cilia tape (+9)
Earth biter (+3)
Electrostatic body armour (+4, -4)
Elephants-on-a-rope (+34)
Energy by cooling (+5, -4)
Equally tempered gearbox (+3)
Faux progress odometer (+5, -4)
Flaming soft drink (+7, -3)
Flash CDR programmer (+2, -1)
Flocked Cars (+2, -8)
Forenheit thermistor (+1)
Graded chili course (+1)
Green salad lottery (+6, -4)
Haufwatha (0)
Helium bridges (-6)
Helium city (+2)
Homing remote (+3)
Hover shoes (+2)
Hover trailor (+1)
In-ball cricket camera (0)
Inline <link#> to links (+5)
Internal Combustion Speakers (+7)
Joke Urinal (+9, -1)
Kiddie filter avoidance (+1)
Laser Phonograph (+2)
Laser scanned CD (+2, -1)
LCD Sunvisor (+7, -1)
Library books for borrowers (+4, -2)
Lunar calendar reform (0)
Magic smoke in/out (+2, -2)
MAP (+1)
Mathematical hair-do (+11)
Method of bulk painting of Aeroplanes (+16, -5)
Microwave cordless mobile recharger (+1, -2)
MIDI matrix printer (0)
Moon inside soap bubble (+6)
Morning enemalarm (+10, -10)
Morph house (+1)
Mosquitometer (+9)
Mp3 correlator (0)
Multilayer ablative windshield (0)
Nearest Halfbaker browser (+2, -1)
Neutrino turbine farm (+5, -1)
New Year meteor shower (0)
Nitroglycerine Engine (+10, -6)
Nursery Rhymes for kids (+3, -3)
Nutrient backpack UAFS (+3, -5)
One time number (+4)
Paint on speakers (+6)
Parsley (+3, -9)
Peristaltic tube speaker (+9, -1)
Piggyback secure encrypted link (+5)
Pneumatic Road (+1)
Reclaim the earth (+1)
Recycling pub john (+4, -5)
Remote controlled dodgems (0)
Reversible UPS (+5, -3)
Ring Count Protocol (+3, -1)
Road huggers (+2, -1)
Rollcap music (0)
Rotating paraboloid miniature golf (0)
Saturating glass cellular windshield (+2, -1)
Scope bath (+3)
Seasons off the Bun (+1)
Sentient street lights (+8, -1)
Shoo bug (0)
Single fluid Engine (+4, -9)
Skeeter zapper pants (+6, -1)
SMS tickertape (+2)
Soft flywheel dial (+9, -1)
Sole of arms (0)
Spring powered bike (+10, -1)
The Halfbaker's Prayer (+4, -2)
Third arm (+7, -4)
Throttle force feedback speed limiting (+8, -2)
Tracking headlights (-3)
Training Harness (+2, -1)
Transparent disk drives (+2)
Turd seeking missiles (+3, -4)
USB microwave coffee warmer (+3)
Useless machine timer (-1)
Van De Graaf Wig (+7, -1)
Ventriloquist Horn (0)
Wash Suit (+3)
Watermelon De-seeding Service (+2, -1)
Windup hard disk (+8)
Wireless battery (0)
Zero Gravity Road (+7)
Zero weed robot (+6, -2)

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