quaero curvus

Damn. It's raining out. At least, while I'm writing this it's raining. Sod.

I think I should correct that last statment. It's not raining now. But it is about two weeks later. It is dark however, and it's only ten to five. Damn.

It's no longer raining or dark at ten to five. It's nearly eleven, so it's completely allowed to be dark. However, Big Brother is on tv and I can't play guitar at all. Bollocks.

[Update] Wow, I've had this account for nearly two years! Must say I've neglected it a bit recently, but I'm gonna have to get thinking about some ideas pretty sharpish, start getting on with it!

[Apr 12 2005, last modified Mar 11 2007]

Awards Ceremony Awards Ceremony (+1, -5)
Battery Saving Headphone Gyroscopes (+3, -2)
Beer Catcher (-5)
Blindspot CCTV (+1, -2)
Boomerang Peak (+4, -3)
Broom Cupboard (+5, -4)
Chair-U-Wear (+5, -1)
Cheaper Rockstar Lifestyle (+9, -3)
Chinese Water Torture Clock (+3, -1)
Drums-Tick (+7)
Horror Pipe (+57, -9)
Motorised Machete (+2, -10)
Parachutist Slide (+5, -2)
Projector/Light (+5)
Remote Eyeball (+4, -2)
Reversible Bowl-er Hat (+3, -4)
Roof Hat (+3, -1)
Short 'n' Tall Seats (+7, -1)
Sunglasses Hat (+2)

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